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June 17, 2007

About Dr. Earl

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Earl Bailey Ministry in Evangelism, Inc.
was founded in 1984 by Dr. Earl H. Bailey.

Dr. Earl & Judy Bailey

Dr. Earl Bailey teaches and preaches in the tradition of the early expositors of the Word. Having studied under the “Prince of Expositor’s for our time,” the late Dr. Stephen Olford, Earl’s preaching resounds with Biblical truth. Earl’s goal is to, “make truth plain, make truth interesting, make truth moving.”

Robert Chalmers said: “My preaching is a failure if it can charm but not change.” Bailey’s preaching does both charm and change, holding attention while affecting adherence to the truth. Just as the truth of God’s Word goes beyond denominational boundries, so does Earl’s preaching. He has ministered in many churches across America and overseas.

Earl received his B.A. from Malone College in Canton, OH. An M.Div. from Ashland Seminary in Ashland, OH., and his D.Min. from Trinity Theological Seminary. Dr. Stephen Olford and Dr. David Olford were his mentors and teachers in preaching.

In 1978, Earl learned he had Multiple Sclerosis. Unable to keep up with the pastoral demands of a vital, growing church, he and his family stepped out, by faith, into another area of ministry in 1984.

Bailey has received many awards over the years. The ones he prizes most come from his Alma Mater. In 1984, Earl was awarded the “Certificate of Merit” from Malone University, in 1990 was named “Alumnus of the Year” and was recipient of the “Distinguished Service Award” also from Malone University. Dr. Earl is now an elected member of the Board of Trustees of Malone University.

In 2011, Dr. Earl was given the highest Alumni award ever given by Malone University. He was presented with the “Earl H Bailey Lifetime Achievement Award”. He said: “I am humbled by the thought that anyone recognized 50 years of evangelism and thought that much of me to give me an award. All praise goes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

In January, 2003, Dr. Earl was awarded the coveted “Phillip Award” by the National Association of UM Evangelists, an organization of his peers. Some of the past recipients are: Dr. Harry Denman, Dr. Ford Philpot, Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. Billy Graham, Corrie Ten Boom, Dr. Robert Coleman, Dr. Bill Bright, Dr. Chuck Swindoll, Rev. Franklin Graham and many other notable names in evangelism. The “Denman Award” was award to Dr. Earl in June of 2003. This award is named after the lay evangelist, Dr. Harry Denman.

Bailey said: “I sincerely hope and pray that this ministry reflects the integrity, spirituality and high standards that accompany these awards. All we have ever attempted to do is to be faithful to the high calling of God in reaching a lost world for Christ. What has happened in this ministry is the result of following HIS agenda, not ours. He has proved over and over again: His Grace is sufficient!

After traveling to missions stations in different parts of the world, the radio ministry, Word For the World, was born in 1987 to help follow up new converts in these foriegn fields. In the years following, the Word For the World International radio ministry has grown to the point that it now reaches into every nation of the world! We have received letters from 164 countries. Many Moslems are coming to Christ as the Holy Spirit of God speaks to them through this radio ministry.

Even though Dr. Earl has retired from traveling for revivals, he does preach a few Camp Meetings each summer. Most of his time is now spent in his local church, preaching and teaching, and in the Word For the World International Radio Ministry.

God has tremendously blessed the ministry over the years. The radio arm of Earl Bailey Ministry in Evangelism, Inc., Word For the World, now encircles the globe and is heard in every country of the world! The radio outreach is growing faster than we ever thought or dreamed. New stations requesting our broadcast come into the office regularly.

Earl & Judy have three sons and daughters-in-law; Matthew & Stacey, Chris & Sally and Ben & Monique, all serving the Lord in various ways in different capacities. Earl & Judy also have seven grandchildren; Aubrey and Lucas to Chris & Sally; Caitlin, Madilyn,  Miranda, and Callie to Matt & Stacey; and the newest member of the Bailey clan is Nathaniel, son of Ben and Monique.

Dr. Earl’s youngest son Benjamin, an accomplished pianist, took part in many of Earl’s services. Since retiring from the active ministry of evangelist, Earl went back to the church he pastored  in 1974 – 1984. The church experience new growth and excitement. Earl served again from June of 2004 to June of 2009 when he retired again.

Earl’s favorite sayings: “Where the Lord guides, He provides!” “The Lord will never lead you where His Grace cannot keep you.”

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