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November 13, 2009

Israel: Constantly at Risk

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I recently came across an article in FLAME that I wanted to share with you.

Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME:

Once again, the picture in Israel has substantially changed. Above all else, there is now the real threat of Iran’s seemingly unstoppable march toward being armed with nuclear weapons. Anybody who does not take seriously its leaders’ pledges to “wipe Israel off the map” and to “excise the cancer of Zionism” lives in a dream world. These people must be taken by their word. The world, at its peril, disregarded the fulminations of Adolf Hitler. The world and Israel cannot afford to make the same mistake again. It is not impossible that Israel will be forced to make some existential decisions in the not too distant future.

As a result of Israel’s being pressured by the insistence of “world opinion” (including, sad to say, by our own country) and also to some extent by the fatigue of its own people, Israel has relinquished Gaza, where Israeli families had been living for at least three generations.

Rather than being grateful for this gift of land and for the “freedom from occupation” it afforded them, the Arabs responded with spasms of violence, digging tunnels into Israel and killing and kidnapping its soldiers. And that is in addition to the almost daily barrages of Qassam rockets that rain into Israeli towns and settlements and infrastructure installations. They have caused casualties and much damage. The level of damage and lives lost could at any moment escalate.

An even greater fiasco occurred in the northern part of the country, where Israel, under pressure of world opinion (and its own defeatist minority — mostly left-wing “intellectuals”) abandoned its buffer of the southern Lebanon security zone. Though it had caused some casualties, it kept Israel’s northern cities and settlements calm and livable. Again, instead of the hoped-for peace and gratitude, Israel was assaulted by Hezbollah (the “Army of God”), which, in a daring cross-border raid killed and abducted Israeli soldiers and brought about the Second Lebanon War. That war caused thousands of deaths on both sides, immense destruction and untold suffering to Israel and Lebanon.

FLAME is steadily engaged in alerting the American public to the reality of Israel’s positions and problems and to the enormous diplomatic and military importance that Israel has for our country and for its resistance to the forces that incessantly seek to destroy it and damage the United States. But now, powerful American politicians and academics are beginning to question Israel’s importance to the United States and claim that Israel, through its Jewish-American surrogates, influences U.S. policy to its own advantage and with total disregard to the welfare and the interests of the United States. This is a dangerous “blood-libel” type of development that must be fought — and that is part of what we are doing and have been doing for almost twenty years.

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